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Crisis Management and Response

It seems every news story contains some discussion of a crisis situation, natural or man-made disaster, or trauma-causing event. These domestic or international crises and disasters can occur on an individual scale, such as abuse, or on a societal scale, such as a school shooting or a tsunami. Experiences such as these are not new. However, the focus on these experiences from a mental health standpoint is somewhat new. Mental health counselors have pivotal roles in working with those who are impacted by crises, disasters, and other trauma-causing events, be it as a first line responder, disaster mental health volunteer, trauma counselor, and/or trainer/consultant.

For this Discussion, you explore the mental health counseling profession’s focus on crises, disasters, and other trauma-causing events.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review the article, “A Calming Presence.” Think about why there is an increasing focus on crises and disasters in the mental health counseling profession. Reflect on events that occurred that contributed to the focus of the profession on disasters and crises.
  • Review the article, “Natural and Manmade Disasters and Mental Health.” Think about natural and man-made disasters and crises you have seen in the news and why there is an increased focus on the mental health of the survivors.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 3

an explanation of why natural and man-made disasters, crises, and other trauma-causing events have become a focus of the mental health counseling profession. Explain the potential implications of this focus on the mental health counseling profession.



Resources: Claiming Presence Article


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