Math Exploration- Gold values

Basically, The graphs attached represent the value of gold from (1970-2000) for every ten years. I used multiple graphs trying to pick the best one to represent the data. I decided to pick exponential as the best one out of the five to represent the values. So to test it out, i did a graph using exponential from (2000-2012) for every 5 years to represent the values to prove that it’s the best one. Lastly, i must use this exponential graph to predict future values of gold. i need is detailed analyzation explaining the benefits and limitations of each graph and the reason behind picking exponential to represent future values. I need to be really detailed and to explain some sudden drops. I have to reflect on the wrongs that i did throughout the paper and how errors could effect some calculations and to reflect on the struggles i went through for this. Also, the conclusion is that no one can predict the values of gold cause it depends on the external environment.(( AT LEAST 10 PAGES))

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