Marriott ( is a worldwide operator and franchisor of 3700 properties and related facilities in 73 countries. Quality and consistent service is Marriott’s main focus and keeps the company in the top position in its industry. The company is responsible for pioneering segmentation in the hospitality industry. With a wide array of hotels, Marriott meets the needs of various customer segments. Before developing any additional hotel chains and their respective brands, the company always tests properties first. Marriott is active in soliciting feedback from its customer base and focuses on really understanding its customer targets.

1. Describe the variable used to segment consumer markets. What type of market segmentation strategy is Marriott following? For each, relate specific examples of hotel services tailored to various target markets.
(The following link: offers a brief description of 6 brands of various Marriott hotels catering to different types of customers.)
2. Is Marriott’s portfolio of brands an advantage or disadvantage? Assess the pros and cons of operating in so many segments of the market.
3. What kind of positioning strategy should the company adopt for the JW Marriot Hotel?
4. Draw a perceptual map for any one of the six brands of Marriott.

The course Learning Outcome (CLO) this report helps to test is as follows:
Apply market segmentation and target marketing strategies considering the different stages of product life cycle for the purpose of ensuring updated product offerings to the right customers and to counter the competition

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