Marketing Research

Sustainable Packaging Survey

The bottled water brand Evian is planning to introduce a more sustainable alternative to their traditional plastic water bottle, i.e. a plastic bottle partly made from plant-based organic material. A number of companies are now offering their soft drink products in sustainable packaging, e.g. Coca Cola, Volvic.

The marketing manager of Evian wants to get an insight into the general environmental concern of bottled water consumers as well as their attitudes and behaviour towards ecological packaging. The primary purpose of the online survey was to ascertain which bottled water brands customers buy, what customers take into account when choosing bottled water, their general environmental concern, their emotions evoked when drinking from a plant-based bottle and their behavioural intention. In September 2013, a questionnaire was mailed to a random sample of 1,000 bottled water customers drawn from a representative online customer panel. To increase the return rate, a small prize draw of Amazon vouchers was used. The SPSS data set which is named ‘MNBM43_Marketing_Research_Sustainable Packaging_n=312.sav’ can be found on Blackboard.

The data analysis section of your research report should provide the following information:

1. Provide a short demographic profile of the respondents.

2. Provide the key findings for the survey, e.g. Q1, 2, 4, 5, 6 using descriptive statistics only (e.g. frequencies, means).

3. Analyse whether demographics (e.g. gender, qualification etc.) have any significant effects on their favourite bottled water brand (Q1). (Note: type of analyses will depend on the level of measurement of the variables)

4. Carry out three factor analyses separately for the following variables: emotions (all items of Q7), beliefs (all items of Q8) and behavioural intention (all items of Q9). Interpret and name the new factors and test the reliability for each new factor. Report the results for these. Compute a new variable for each factor using the mean (e.g. means calculated for the new factors) for further analysis.

5. Analyse whether demographics (e.g. gender, age, etc.) have any significant effects on behavioural intention (the new factor calculated from all items of Q9). (Note: type of analyses will depend on the level of measurement of the variables)

6. Is there a possibility to predict behavioural intention on the basis of environmental concern (use overall variable called ‘env_concern’), emotions and beliefs (use the newly computed variables for this purpose)? If yes, how good is the prediction? What is a better predictor of behavioural intention – emotions or beliefs?

To support your findings, you must use graphical/tabular presentation which is most appropriate to the information being presented.

Summarise the key results from the analysis and give recommendations to the marketing manager of Evian on how to promote the new sustainable packaging, i.e. plantbottle and who to target on the basis of the results of this survey.


You are asked to:
* choose appropriate data analysis techniques, justify your choice and interpret the results.
* provide results and interpret findings (use appropriate tables and graphs in your report to illustrate the results clearly).
* structure them in a brief marketing research report form which should look professional.

Your assignment is a research report and as such its contents should mirror those found in commercial marketing research reports. The specific section headings will be (i) executive summary, (ii) introduction & methodology, (iii) research questions with data analysis, and (iv) conclusions & recommendation.

A table of contents and appendices with the SPSS outputs used are required. Marking criteria provided on the last page.
Notes on Style

The report should be typed using double-spaced Times New Roman size 12 Font on A4 paper with one inch margins. The main body of the report should not exceed 20 pages (excluding appendices, table of contents, title page etc.).

A table of contents and appendices with data tables and the used SPSS outputs are also required.

All sources must be correctly identified

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