Project Instructions:

Students are to work in groups of 3 or 4 throughout the remainder of the semester to apply basic marketing principles to PEPSI company which operation in the UAE. Students will use the course book, class notes and discussions, and teacher feedback throughout the semester. Students will also be required to conduct secondary research for this project.

Your group will be responsible for researching a retail company and identifying an opportunity for a new product. Students will use the research to identify the target market and prepare a marketing plan for the new product.

The project will be submitted in parts as per the attached schedule. A cover sheet must be included for each part.

Students are expected to plan accordingly with their groups in order to complete and submit each part on time. Any delays in submission will result in loss of marks for each day late, as specified above.

Please note that penalties for cheating (copying/plagiarism) will be severe.

Marketing Opportunities

• Prepare a company background which should be a maximum of 1 page. Information should include (1) the number of branches, (2) a description of the products/services, (3) date of establishment, and (4) countries of operation. Include what you think the company’s strengths are. List and explain at least 2 strengths. (5 marks)

• Identify 4 marketing opportunities and plot on the product expansion grid. Please use your research results to justify your choices. RESEARCH EVIDENCE WILL BE MARKED. (8 marks)

Step 1: In order to do this section, you must start by researching the business environment. Identify and discuss 3 macro-environmental factors which could have the biggest impact on your company, ie- changes in economy or technology.

Step 2: Using your research on the company and the business environment, select 4 marketing opportunities for your company. Explain why you have made each choice.
Note: One opportunity must be an idea for a new product. (to be used in part 2 of your project)

• Select 1 product opportunity for your chosen target market and explain why you have chosen this opportunity. (2 marks)

• Identify and describe your target market using 5 variables. (5 marks)

Prepare marketing mix strategies for the new product that you have suggested in part one:

? Product Strategy

• Describe your product strategy. Remember to link your marketing mix to your chosen target market from Part 1.

o Type of product – Type of consumer product and why. (4 marks)

o Product description – features, design, and quality. (6 marks)

o Will you use the same brand? Explain your answer. (3 marks)

o Packaging (8 marks)
? How will packaging help you to serve/sell the product in good condition?
? What kind of information will you include on the package? Explain your answer.

o Describe which stage of the product life cycle the product is in. Make sure you are describing the entire industry, and not only your brand. (4 marks)
? Promotion Strategy

• Identify the advertising objective for your new product and justify your answer. (5 marks)
• Suggest one promotion element to be used for your chosen opportunity. Explain why you chose this element. (5 marks)
• Describe each component of the promotion in detail. (10 marks)
o You should include a sample print advertisement, a script of a TV or radio commercial, or a detailed description of a sales promotion or public relations event.
• If you were to use advertising state which media will be used for your promotion and when it will be used. Explain your answer. (5 marks)

Remember to look at past advertisements and sales promotions for your company to better understand the company’s promotion style.


? Pricing and Distribution

• Suggest a pricing strategy and give 2 reasons to justify your decision.
(5 marks)
• Describe the existing distribution strategy your company is using. Why do you think this distribution strategy was selected? (5 marks)
• Will your company use the same distribution strategy for the new product? Explain your answer. (5 marks)
• Suggest and explain two new ways your company can use e-commerce more effectively. (10 marks)
References (Group):

Your group must include a reference list with each part of the project. Please try to use scholarly sources of information where possible by using the databases available on the HCT library website.

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