Manhood and Masculinity

write an essay about Manhood and Masculinity in Daniel Cano’s Shifting Loyalties. There is an additional file attached to the order with an example of how the essay should be organized.

Developing a thesis statement: It will most likely take you a while to develop a thesis statement. Remember, a thesis is an argument or interpretation that you will support using evidence from the primary and secondary sources. It is important to keep in mind that your job as a writer is to convince the reader to agree with or accept your interpretation. Most people have trouble with developing thesis statements. Below is an examples.
: Daniel Cano’s Shifting Loyalties uses symbolism and flashback to demonstrate how Chicano soldiers endure the emotional trauma of killing another human being. Ultimately, Cano suggests that memory enables emotionally scarred veterans overcome earlier traumas.

Discussion: This does everything a thesis statement should do. It provides us with enough specific information about the argument by telling us how Cano focuses on trauma (using symbolism and flashbacks) and what the purpose of doing so is (to show that memory can be used to overcome trauma). It presents a clear interpretation or opinion of the novel that is arguable. In other words, a reader will have to be convinced that memory can be used to overcome trauma and that Cano is using symbolism and flashback to show this. As a reader, I might question part or all of this thesis. In order for a thesis to be a thesis, it has to be arguable. In other words, a reader should be able to disagree with the writer. If not, the writer does not have a strong thesis statement.

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