Managing in a mixed economy

It is not possible to give a prescriptive outline for this work as each of you will select a different case study and a different combination of topics form the module to use in your analysis and evaluation. For the same reasons it is not possible to suggest generic models or specific theories other than to point you at the extensive suggested readings provided in the Module handbook. The following guidance is generic and should be read in conjunction ion with the assessment criteria for the task also published in the handbook.

Identify a particular case of partnership arrangement to deliver some form of public service or facility. This might be a PFI scheme to build and run a prison, to build and/or run a hospital or build, manage and maintain a road. It might be some management service contract to improve and maintain infrastructure such as street lighting over an extended period or local authority outsourcing contracts for refuse and recycling services. Other local projects involving parts of the third sector and social enterprises, possibly in partnership with a local council would also provide suitable case studies. If you are in any doubt about the suitability of your case study, check with me or another member of the Module Team.

It is also important that you choose a project about which you can access a reasonable amount of information. Set out a description of the project including facts and figures regarding cost, length of contract terms and conditions etc. in approximately 700 words – this is your case study.

This is a final year assignment so it must be in a high academic level, based on United Kingdom public sector research and understanding of the module theory. Preferable if the writer is from the United Kingdom.I will upload various of files to understand the module and please READ ALL OF THEM!!The assignment require you to choose three or two topics to use and its up to you read MME file. will help you structure the assignment use the instructions.

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