Managing Conflict in Interpersonal Relationship at Workplace

The proposal should not exceed five pages and should be in Times New Roman font of 11 points or larger and double-spaced. The proposal will be graded in the use of grammar, construction, spelling, and punctuation. Proposal Format Example (use Headings) Introduction/Statement of Problem: A current, concise, and scholarly presentation of the research problem that gives clear evidence that you have reviewed the current literature relevant to the planned research and have an understanding of the significance and nature of the problem. The introduction should contain a statement of the problem that is outlined in a manner that a non-professional will understand. This Introduction section needs to answer what and why the problem warrants studying. Background and Theory: This section of the proposal will provide appropriate detail regarding current developments in the field that are important to the understanding and conducting research on the problem. This Background section will disclose work that has been done by others and is relevant to the proposed problem. Specific Statement of Research Questions/Objectives: All research problems are in the form of a series of questions or objectives. They define and subdivide the planned work into sequential or parallel steps that will lead to the completion of the research. The questions should be well defined in the previous sections. They should define experiments, observations, or actions that will be undertaken in the course of the research. Hypotheses: Hypotheses can be formulated that are based upon the expectations of the outcomes from experiments or observations. They should be clear and supported by the Introduction and Background sections. Hypotheses will often be critically dependent upon the methods and experimental design and conditions. Methods/Experimental Design/Techniques: This section should include sufficient detail to enable an expert reviewer in the field to evaluate if the approaches planned for answering the questions or carrying out the objectives are understood by the author and are consistent with the hypotheses. Instrumentation to be used must be discussed and if it is to be constructed, details must be provided. In cases that will involve statistical evaluation of information and data, sufficient information should be provided so that the reviewer can evaluate whether or not statistically meaningful results and conclusions may be based on the design and quantity of data to be collected. A discussion of the validity of possible conclusions must be included in this section. References Cited: The references cited in the body of the proposal should be included at the end in a format consistent with those of the scholarly journals/publications of the discipline. You will need a balanced variety of at least 10 sources on your final paper. Do not use all Internet sources. These references should include professional journal articles, professional publications, and internet sources.

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