Management B325 Term Paper – Green Supply Chain

Ethics and social responsibility are big challenges faced by all operations managers while persuading high productivity and good quality. This term paper helps you to gain more knowledge about Green Movement in Supply Chain Management through library research and self-learning.

I. Your term paper should include
1. Introduction
a) Green Movement
• Definitions
• Importance
b) Supply Chain Management (SCM)

2. Impact of green movement on SCM
a) Summary of supportive materials from your textbook
b) Summary of supportive materials from one (or more) journal article(s) published in June 2013-July
c) Your comments on the related materials provided in the textbook
d) Your comments on the related materials provided in the article(s)
e) Conclusion

II. Format of the term paper
a) Cover page
b) List of contents
c) Body of the reports
d) References
e) Attachment of the journal article(s) you cited
f) Fond: Times New Roman 12
g) Double space
h) Page number
i) Paper length: 8-10 pages

III. Textbook Reading (Operations Management; Jay Heizer & Barry Render
Chapter 1: Ethics and social responsibility
Chapter 5: Ethics and environmental friendly designs Chapter 7: Ethics and environmental friendly processes Chapter 11: Ethics in supply chain
Chapter 16: Lean operations and eliminate waste

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