1) Have FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grants done more harm or more good? If you believe more harm, propose an alternative approach.

Write approximately 250 words. Find and use at least three recent sources to illustrate your discussion.

2) Post the names of one or more communities (villages, towns, or cities) in the U.S. or anywhere in the world that have been relocated as mitigation. Give a reliable source to verify your information.

3) Read: Godschalk et al., pp. 398-402, especially Table 10.2.

Is the distribution of mitigation funds among the various types of disasters appropriate or should it be readjusted? Why?

Write approximately 250 words. Find and use at least one (additional to the required source)recent source to illustrate your discussion.

The 3rd topic has a Required source:

Godschalk, D., Beatley, T., Berke, P., Brower, D., Kaiser, E. J., et al. (1999). Natural hazard mitigation: Recasting disaster policy & planning. Washington, DC: Island Press. ISBN: 1559636025

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