1. Read the case study ‘AC Gilbert’ in Appendix 1.
2. Analyse the information provided and prepare a report addressing the following six (6) points.
1. Describe the key systems and processes used by AC Gilbert:
a. Supply chain
b. Operational systems
2. Product/service delivery.
3. Analyse the three key systems and processes and develop the elements of your
review strategy: applying your knowledge of quality management and continuous
improvement theory, develop performance and sustainability measures, assessment
tools and techniques that you would use to evaluate the effectiveness of the three
key systems and processes.
In your report, include if applicable:
a. Lists of key result areas (KRAs)
b. Lists of key performance indicators (KPIs)
c. A description of performance review processes
d. A sample service level agreement.

4. Using the data provided for results up to 1966, for each of the three key systems,
describe how each of your measures, assessment tools and techniques would
monitor performance. Include specific examples or hypothetical cases to test the
effectiveness of the elements of your review strategy. Write an evaluation of the
effectiveness of your review strategy. Suggest improvements to your strategy.
Refer to quality management and continuous improvement theory.
5. Using the data provided for results up to 1966, analyse the variances from plans and
targets for the key result areas (KRAs). Include discussion on performance with
regards to:
a. quality – design/manufacturing
b. sales
c. profit
d. supply chain performance (delivery)
e. business growth – staff and management performance and/or turnover.
6. Discuss trends relevant to the organisation. What trends did AC Gilbert fail to
identify in the late 1950s?
Consider the strengths and weaknesses of the AC Gilbert Company prior to 1960. Discuss
the following in your report:
a. market share
b. reputation
c. stability
d. profit
e. sales
f. ability to adapt to change
g. customer service standards
h. innovation
i. employee performance
j. production and manufacturing.
Apply creativity skills to identify missed opportunities to improve business performance.
Describe at least one missed opportunity in detail. Include an action plan for
implementing the improvement in your report.
7. Imagine the company did not close in 1967 and has somehow managed to continue
operations until today. Discuss the possible use of advice from specialists. What
specialists could be consulted to advise on and identify new technology or
electronic commerce opportunities? Consider:
a. Internal – engineers, production staff, manufacturing staff, sales personnel,
human resources personnel.
b. External – marketing consultants, advertising experts, engineers or designers,
IT consultants.

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