Louis Vuitton in Japan

The book is called Strategic Management: Planning for Domestic & Global Competition. It is the Fourteenth Edition. Authors are John Pearce II and Richard B. Robinson Jr.
Case Analysis — Due Week 4: Begin case study analysis of case #25 Louis Vuitton in Japan. This is found in the back of our textbook in the Cases section.

Read the case and respond to the following questions, which you will submit at the end of next week. The typical length for a response to one question is one to two complete paragraphs –be succinct in your responses as business writing avoids verboseness, but also be specific in providing support for your analysis. A complete paragraph is typically three to four sentences formed around a clear topic sentence. Also, tables are often useful to present your analysis. Clear connections to the case content and course concepts are expected.

How has LVMH been performing? How does its performance compare to that of its competitors?
How has the leather and fashion group, of which LV is the anchor business, been performing? Why has LV been so successful?
What are the challenges facing LV?
What are the options available to LV? As a senior manager at LV, what option would you recommend LV adopt?

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