Locate four research articles (scholarly/peer reviewed) that address the domain chosen for your research paper (the domain must have been approved by your instructor in Unit 3).

Redpen Mark – Please text me before bid. Thanks!Scholarly Source Summaries
Two articles must be primary sources and the other 2 can be secondary sources. A primary source is one that describes an actual research study (usually a single study; look for a Methods Section and Results Section). A secondary source can be a review article in which a large number of research studies in a particular field are discussed and analyzed. See below for further explanation.
List the articles according to APA format and provide the links for your instructor to access. You MUST provide the links for your instructor to evaluate the quality and relevance of your sources. In addition, include an APA format Reference page as the last page in your assignment.
Useful Resources:
The Writing Center: Literature Reviews. UNC College of Arts & Sciences.
What is a Primary Source?. Princeton University.Summarize each article:
For each article, include the following:
o Date of the study
o Author
o Hypothesis of the study
o Discussion of the overall method
o Results and conclusions of the study
o Limitations and recommendations for future studies
o Analysis of the study to the domain and the field of developmental psychologyThe requirements for your summaries are:
APA Format
2 page minimum, not counting cover page and reference list
Typed, double spaced, 12 point font
Cover page (Meets APA guidelines)
Address each of the above listed requirements that are to be included in the summaries.
Include a reference page with a minimum of four research articles (scholarly/peer reviewed: 2 primary and 2 secondary sources).

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