Literary Analysis

Teachers Instructions Word-for-word: Consider an overview of the best spiritual writing in our selected mini-anthology, and in response, write a literary criticism that presents an eloquent and inspired argument from a convincing creative and critical position. Your paper should have four parts in the best order and lengths you decide upon… 1) Start with a provocative/attention grabbing intro, narrowing your focus to specific topics supporting an overall thesis 2) offer a close reading/analysis of the most significant/juicy passages 3) include a comparison and a contrast with TWO other pieces in your mini anthology (on a particular writing style or theme, i.e. in form or content) 4) include a literary critique (why/how did the piece succeed? What did it gain? How did it challenge you? Etc) that will leave us wanting more!

Reading: The mini anthology I chose is Sisters and Daughters by Robert Miola. The two compare and contrast anthologies I chose are Buddah’s Savage Piece by Robert D. Kaplan and Sesshin with Sasaki Roshi by Michael Haederle. All of these short anthologies can be found in The Best Spiritual Writings 2011 by Philip Zaleski.

My instructions: These have to be the anthologies used in the essay because I was assigned to them in class! It has to be written in MLA format with a work cited page, including those three short stories. Also quotes need to be cited within the essay. It is not a typical literary analysis because you have to incorporate opinion on theme of text along with the form of how they wrote it.

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