This assignment requires students to research on connected speech, incorporating waveform and spectral analysis. The assignment is to be in the form of a research report, and should be supported by library research.

In this project you will investigate the phonetic characteristics of a selected dialect* of English which is spoken in the local community.
• Working with speakers of the dialect you will record audio samples and will transcribe selected passages of natural speech.
• You will then identify a number of key phonetic features that appear to distinguish that dialect and undertake an acoustic analysis of them, comparing your results with those from ‘standard’ Australian English (which you may also have to produce for yourself). Your acoustic analysis must include relevant waveforms and spectrographic read outs.
• You will provide a report on your investigations and findings, and comment on any aspects of phonology, phonetics or transcription that you see as relevant.
• You will also comment on the nature of these key phonetic differences: how might they have arisen? What problems might they create for communication? What issues do they create for education?

* Approved Dialects for this assignment are:
*Choose one dialect only*
• ‘Chinese’ English
• ‘Vietnamese’ English
• ‘British’ English
• African dialects of English
• Broad Australian ‘working class’ English

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