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Letter to the Editor, Wall Street Journal

Date: 02/22/2013


The Editor,

Wall Street Journal,



Taxes add value to the economy of the United States; however, this country needs real tax reform, to increase the effectiveness of taxes. Real taxes have the capability of promoting positive economic practices in a country and getting rid of all the negative economic practices. In this country, the representatives, whom people elect, are responsible for determining tax. However, I am convinced that these have not represented their people well, as far as matters to do with tax are concerned.

The Federal tax code has had negative impact in the country. This is the major cause of why different jobs and companies have been driven outside the country.  The prices of products produced in the country have gone up, thanks to the high business taxes.  The income tax in the country promotes negative economic practices. By taxing the income of rich people highly and that of poor and average income-earners lowly, this makes the poor poorer, as they are not motivated to scale up. This strategy also deprives the rich, making them to scale down. I am also against tax deductions on debt, as this encourages more debts in the country.

I would like to support Joel Rudicil’s letter “Taxes Can Help; This One Doesn’t,” (Feb. 20), as a response to your editorial “A Buckeye Tax Reform” (Feb. 12). He opposes the Buckeye tax reform, although he is inclined on the side of oil and gas production in Ohio, since he is the president of Ohio Oil and Gas Association. He is right, and I support his views on the whole issue. This is an example of how inconsiderate the taxation system in this country is. However, I would add that this tax reform seeks to lower taxes for all small businesses in Ohio, and increase tax on big businesses. This does not make sense at all. The tax code in this country will only increase the number of poor people and reduce the number of rich people, since it favors the poor. Therefore, the US needs a sensible tax reform.


Yours sincerely,

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