Letter of Complaint

This is a letter of complaint towards the whoever it is that in authority of solving the problem.(Please search the person who is in power of to do that!)
the teacher want us to write a complaint that affect us personally
i have no idea right now, but for now i think it’s going to be people who smoking in inappropriate places.
if you have any topic that is interesting enough, tell me.
be careful with the fallacies such as
1. Words Ambiguity
2. Misleading euphemisms
3. Prejudicial Language
4. Appeal to fear
5. Appeal to pity
6. Appeal to false authority
7. Appeal to prejudice :
a) Personal Attack
b) Poisoning the well
8. Red Herring
9. Pointing to another wrong
10. Straw man
11. circular Reasoning.
12. Hasty Generalization
13. Either-or fallacy
14. Questionable Statistic
15. Inconsistencies and Contradictions
16. Loaded Questions
17. False Analogy
18. False cause
19. Slippery Slope

because the teacher is very strict when it comes to fallacies.
the format is really like a letter, so we’re writing to an institution here..
if you could, please just use simple words, because the teacher might not be convinced if i use difficult words 😀
i’m going to upload the rubric for this assignment 🙂

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