The past year was full of problems for me. I got frustrated because I faced all sorts of issues. Some of them were social, academic and personal. I am an international student, and I do not have relatives in this country. I never had any close person or friend to confide in. It was hard for me to gather courage or be confident because I felt ashamed about myself. I wondered where I was wrong to deserve that kind of fate. I used to cry when overwhelmed with emotions. My classmates thought I was unsocial because I was always withdrawn from them. No lecturer noticed my sadness and for a long time.

In the month of May 13 2011, I got an academic probation at school. I had failed one quarter and several classes. My performance was so poor, and I could not concentrate because my grandmother was sick. I was scared and anxious because I did not know what would happen. She is the only one who was close to me when I was away from home. I could not help thinking she was going to die. I tried to take care of her, but my hopes were very little. As she lay on the hospital bed, I approached the doctor and asked her progress. They told me that they could not promise anything but hope for the best.

Back home, my parents were always at loggerheads. They quarreled and regularly fought. On May 25 2011, I had to fly home and check on them. My mother was always the victim when they got into a fight. She was battered by my father and suffered serious wounds. One time my father was arrested because of assaulting my mother, but he was not imprisoned. My mother pardoned him, and they went back home. However, this incident did not end the disagreements. I did not understand why they always fought. I later came to know that my father had abandoned his domestic responsibilities. It hurt my mother so much that is why she always confronted him. I advised my mother to sue him for specific performance. The court order would make him resume his responsibilities.

When I was still at home with my parents, I fell ill one day and went to see a doctor. It was in June 11 2011 when the doctor told me that I was pregnant. He had tested me and confirmed it. I felt scared and confused because I was not ready to become a parent. I called my boyfriend and informed him. He denied being responsible and claimed it could be another man’s baby. This reaction even made things worse for me. I suffered stress and depression because I could not talk to anyone about it. I was also naïve and very unprepared. I hoped to finish my education, get a job and later a family. I certainly would not afford a baby at that time.

In the month of July 21 2011, my grandmother had good news for us. Her doctor told me that she was recovering at a steady pace. Within a short time, she would fully recover and be discharged from the hospital. At least I felt some little peace filling my heart. I thought my grandmother would die, but she was going to recover. Back at home, my parents went to court, just as I had advised my mother. She was relieved when my father agreed to continue providing for the family. The fights stopped, and they reconciled. As I received this news from my mother, I was so happy and relieved. Suddenly, I felt an acute pain in my stomach. I could not just ignore it, so I went for a check up. The doctor told me that I had a miscarriage. I was honestly sad, but, on the other hand, it was a second chance for me.

From all those misfortunes, I learnt my lessons. I decided to go back to school with a positive attitude and improve my grades. There was nothing to be worried about any more. I had my family’s support and friends were willing to help. I would no longer involve myself in any sexual relationships until I am married. Irresponsible sex led me to pregnancy, and I would not let it happen again. I sought a counselor who counseled me, and I felt ready to move on with my life. Today, I have made so much progress in my life, and I intend to achieve more.

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