Lecture questions essay details

Lecture questions essay details
Research based assignment: develop a lecture question – Due: Week 10 (8 October):
Develop further a lecture question (from the list below), bringing new material from your research to develop and support your position. 2000 words submitted via turnitin with an email copy to your tutor.

• What is wrong with design history?
• What is anonymous design (and why is it useful)?
• How has the way we measure shaped the way we are?
• How is war related to design?
• What is good design?
• What is the design legacy of colonialism?
• How do maps make up the world?
• How does design perpetuate obsolescence?
• What is defuturing?


1. Research effort 30%

2. Imagination 30%

3. Coherence & clarity of expression (including referencing) 40%

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