Leadership styles

One of the first theoretical approaches was the trait approach. This approach suggests that leaders are born not made. Later theoretical approaches emphasized that a leader’s success was based on his/her leadership style and charisma. Other approaches suggested that the success or failure of leadership depended on the contingency or situation. More recent approaches focus on leadership styles, especially task oriented versus people oriented.

To be effective, it is important for human services organizations to select leaders that fit their organization.compare and contrast task-oriented versus people-oriented leadership styles and patterns. You will be instructed to select a human services organization with which you are interested or familiar. As you proceed through the Matrix, you are to select each statement that represents types of leadership or patterns within the human services organization you selected.

Briefly describe the human service organization you selected
Compare and contrast task-oriented internal leadership with task-orientated external leadership. Then explain when each style is most appropriate for the organization you selected.
Compare and contrast people-oriented internal leadership with people-orientated external leadership. Then explain when each style is most appropriate for the organization you selected.
Explain insights and conclusions on the leadership styles and patterns of the organization as a result of completing the Leadership Matrix.

Please use these additional sources:

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