Leadership and Management





Leadership and Management

Question One

Conflicts happen every day. One good example of a conflict that I experienced recently is at home when I had an argument with my neighbor about his dog destroying my lawn. At first, the man did not want to talk to me. He once shut the door on my face when I told him about the dog. Additionally, he constantly boasted of his dog’s good behavior. The problem is that he is the only one who has a dog in the neighborhood. This clearly proves that it was his dog. As a result, we did not talk for a while but the issue had to be resolved.

At first, I avoided talking to him because I wanted to avoid the confrontation, but eventually I decided to talk to him so that we could come to a lasting solution. He told me that his dog likes playing around that is why he lets it loose in the neighborhood. However, he did not believe that his dog could do such a thing because the dog does not damage their lawn. Therefore, he found this hard to believe. We agreed that he would always take his dog out for walks rather than set it loose, as it would destroy other people’s lawns. Since he started walking his dog, the lawn has been clean.

In this case, I applied my style of collaboration. This is where I had to go and confront my neighbor, despite the fear of conflict, to find a solution. In this case, I had to collaborate with him and show him the reality of the situation so that we can collaborate and find a solution to stop this menace. According to the collaboration style, people often have to come together and find solutions that will suite all the parties affected.

Question Two

Many scholars have described the win-win style as the best method to use while resolving a conflict. They unilaterally agree that in this style, everybody emerges a winner. In the conflict, of a buyer and a seller, the seller can sell his or her commodities at a cheap price while maintaining the profits. In this case, the seller is not losing anything because he or she gets their profits, while the buyer is enjoying goods or services at an affordable price. This shows that the win-win style is best for conflict resolution.

However, I do not believe that there can always be a situation where there is a win-win situation for everybody in a conflict. This is because there are certain conflicts where one party has to compromise in order to allow the other party to win. For instance, when there is a conflict between the employees and the management in relations to salary, one party has to win and the other has to lose. If the company is making losses, it would be impossible to offer a salary increment to the employees, instead they would be forced to reduce them. On the other hand, if the company is making profits, they will be forced to increase the salary of their employees. Therefore, there is no situation where both parties are going to win.

Question Three

True collaboration can be described where two parties share something equally for their own benefits. Additionally, it is when people share something equally to resolve a conflict between them. A good example is emulated in the African nations where different leaders share powers after political disputes. I like collaborating very much because it solves conflicts without the need of using force. Collaboration is advantageous because it reduces violence by enhancing peace in a conflict. Additionally, it is like a win-win situation, where both parties benefits from the conflicts.

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