law and surveillance

Explain the Solution
What is the solution you propose? Be as specific as possible.
Why will this work?
How does this solution directly address the causes identified in discussion of the problem?
Why is this solution better than the current situation or alternative solutions?
Will it cost money, and if so, where will that money come from?
Why is this solution worth the financial cost, cost in human resources, and/or risk(s)?

3. Anticipate the Opposition
What is the potential argument against your definition and/or analysis of the problem? Who is likely to voice these arguments? (Consider which demographic groups, political groups, industries, and so on might have a different view of the problem.)
What are the potential objections to your solution? Who is likely to voice them?
Which arguments can you rebut, and which must you concede? Note that conceding a point to the opposition is not a sign of weakness. Rather, it can show that you are aware of the complexity of the situation and respect the opposition’s concerns. You can concede a point to the opposition while still arguing that, on balance, your approach best serves the public.
What are your rebuttals?
What are your “Yes, but” arguments?

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