Lab Report

Lab Report

The fetal pig dissected was male. This was evident because of location of the urogenital opening, responsible for the passage of   liquid wastes and reproductive cells. On this fetal pig, the opening was on the ventral part of the pig, which is posterior to the umbilical cord. Additionally, the scrotal sacs were located at the posterior end of the pig. If it were female, the presence of ovaries and fallopian tube would attest to this (“Fetal Pig Dissection.”).

The whole dissection process was interesting and educative. However, what interested me most was seeing how the different organs and organ systems of the fetal pig are interconnected. There was a strikingly clear representation of the body organs. Additionally, observing a three dimensional structure of the body of an animal was thrilling.

This lab dissection gave me a better understanding of the human body. This is because pigs are mammals, same as humans. Therefore, they are a representation of the human bodies, since most features they possess are shared with humans. These include the nervous system, the digestive system, the respiratory, and circulatory systems, among others. Therefore, this experience was like viewing the internal organs of a person.

Human anatomy is a program that requires deeper understanding of the human body. A future career in surgery requires one to have an impeccable understanding of human anatomy since this is what it all entails. Failure of knowledge in this cannot guarantee one a surgery job. In addition, surgery requires genuine experts, and not quacks.

If presented with another opportunity, I would like to participate in another dissection lab. What I like most about dissection is that it is a hands-on or practical activity. It helps us to test the validity of the theory part of class work. Besides, continued dissection will help me acquire observational skills, as I will be able to keenly observe, analyze, and develop findings.


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