Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Use the song < Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door> by Bob Dylan , NOT plagiarism

You will explain what you think the artist’s thesis is then you must state your thesis (your evaluation or judgment) of the song. Your essay needs to analyze the work and evaluate whether or not the song is successful is achieving the artists’ purpose. Your essay should be at least 4 full pages.

Answering these questions will help you outline in your writing.
• Who is the artist where did they come from?
• If it is relevant, look at the time period when the song was written. Were there any outside forces that prompted the artist to write this song?
• What is the artist’s purpose/thesis? Are they trying to persuade the listener to do something, feel something, or think a certain way?
• What are the artist’s methods? Do they quote authorities, use statistics, use examples or analogies, have relevant assumptions, or consider other points of views? Are these methods successful in achieving the artists’ purpose? Give examples.
• What words give you a hint about the message in the song? Are they convincing?
• Is the song aimed at a particular audience?
• Does the song appeal to ethos, pathos, and logos?
• How does the artist use specific words or figurative language to create a mood and convey his or her message?
• What is the artist’s persona? Credibility/image?
· How does the artist present themselves and does this effect the way a listener will agree with their thesis? Give examples.

• How is the song organized and is the organization effective? Are the title, verses, structure, opening, and closing effective? In what ways?
• How does the music (beats, instruments, style, etc) affect the song? Give examples.

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