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Papers (instructions): Your submitted paper must meet the following criteria:
• be typed
• be double spaced
• include paper title and page number
• include student’s name and CLASS MEETING TIME
• have no cover page or plastic covers, etc.
• be stapled in the upper left-hand corner
• written as you would an English composition with complete sentences, correct punctuation, etc. (NO ABBREVIATION).
• must be 2-3 pages long, excludes any graphs or data tables
• graphs
o the graphs must be discussed IN THE PAPER
o Hand-drawn graphs are required !!!
o tell the reader when to refer to the graphs
o EXPLAIN the graphs in the paper
• the news articles the articles must be printed on (Xeroxed), or taped to, an 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of paper and stapled to the paper
Paper 1: Supply and Demand (Ch. 3)

FOCUS: Platinum Prices Rise Over Gold On Supply, Demand Concerns


Mysterious Pork Virus May Hike Bacon Prices

Find a newspaper article on an INDIVIDUAL PRODUCT whose PRICE and QUANTITY SOLD has changed. Your analysis should indicate why the price and/or quantity have changed by noting which non-price determinants of demand or supply have changed. The article must mention at least TWO non-price determinants that have changed. If the article mentions more, then you must discuss them in your paper as well. Use supply and demand graphs to show changes in the equilibrium price and/or quantity. Clearly state what happened to the non-price determinants, what happened to supply and demand, and what happened to the price and quantity sold of the product as a result.
The following are also REQUIRED for paper 1:
• See the “Instructions” (above)
• Before beginning to look for a news article and write your paper:
o read and study chapter 3
• The news articles must be printed on, Xeroxed on, or taped to, an 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of paper and stapled to the back of your paper
• In the article CIRCLE the statements that indicate that a non-price determinant of supply or demand has changed.
• Your paper MUST include a supply and demand graph.
o The graph must show the change in equilibrium price and quantity mentioned in the article.
o Your graph must show the changes in demand and/or supply that causes the change in equilibrium price and quantity. This means that the demand and/or supply curves must shift.
o If you are discussing one product, then all changes should be made ON THE SAME GRAPH.
o In your paper you must say something like ” . . . therefore demand has increased. This will shift the demand curve to the right. On the graph below you can see that an increase in demand will shift the demand curve from D1 to D2. As a result, the price of the product will increase (from P1 to P2) and the quantity will increase (from Q1 to Q2).”
o Hand-drawn graphs, well labeled, are preferred.
o On your graph be sure to label the horizontal axis with the product that you are discussing (for example “Q of gasoline” or Q of boats”). THIS IS REQUIRED.
o Supply and demand must be drawn on the SAME GRAPH with the equilibrium price and quantity clearly labeled.
• The purpose of this paper is to show me that you understand how to use supply and demand graphs to explain why prices change.
• Do not summarize the article, but rather explain your graph.
• Let me say this again. Do not summarize the article. Only use the parts of the article that explain the change in price and quantity. You should be summarizing the textbook and class notes, NOT the article.
• Grading:
o 8 points for identifying the determinants (minimum two) correctly
o 13 points for analysis
o Total points: 25
o 4 points for writing in accordance to the stated guidelines (see above)

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