Journey to becoming oneself

Journey to becoming oneself

            In reference, to Fr. Robert Lawton the journey to becoming oneself is risky. The risks can be attributed to strong inclinations on a person to be what others want or fit into a pre-established societal fabric. Once a person embarks on the journey to accomplishing oneself, the risk of conflicts with exterior inclinations is eminent. Inclinations on an individual can be from well-wishing guardians but they are still restrictive to a person living and accomplishing their inherent purpose. Guardians may have difficulties in setting boundaries to the extent of steering individuals to courses of life that seem most suited to them (guardians). Another risk of the Journey is loneliness where a person must prepare to stand out of the generic course or flow of events thus alienation from other people.

In the course of pursuing one’s goals, there are instances where one deals with unwholesome realities like discovering one’s weaknesses or vulnerable points for discouragement. It takes resilience to overcome such setbacks and the probability of failure emerges thus another risk making individuals avoid the journey to becoming one’s self. The discoveries in the “adventure” as referred to by Fr Robert Lawton are made difficult by the modern world’s tendency to compare. Comparison leads to the self-insecurity where an individual feels they are not good enough to attempt or posses’ inferior intrinsic abilities to achieve great feats. There by the risk of being compared to individuals considered better is innate for persons embarking on the journey to becoming themselves. However, it is in being oneself that most individuals considered better attained the position of fulfillment and happiness. Concisely stated, the journey to becoming oneself is risky because of the possible conflict, alienation and comparison facing the individual.


While embarking on my college career several risks lie ahead. Most risks in my journey are situational where I will be required to regularly evaluate my priorities in the manner I use my time and other resources. I face the risk of straining academically where a discrepancy may arise between my grades and academic goals consequently making me work harder to attain the required standards. Secondly, there lies the risk of association in reference to the friends and acquaintances I will choose to keep. Every association will have potential to make my focus on attain the desired career better or worse. Thirdly, there is a risk of my resources such as financial being insufficient to propel me to the desired academic and personal success.

On the adventure of being myself, several risks continually exist such as media influence and peer/family pressure. There are individuals in various fields such as sport, entertainment and academics whom I admire as well as closely observe. There is the risk of subtly wanting to be similar in terms of personality and mannerisms consequently loosing the self-uniqueness necessary to becoming myself. Additionally, there is an over emphasis on selected traits and aspects such as monetary success as equivalence of happiness while downplaying aspects such as integrity. Such an instance facades as a risk incase I forget what really counts in life other than the emphasized aspects. I value family and friends but this creates risk of conflict especially where the journey of becoming oneself requires making decision different from the perspectives they hold. Since no one desires to be alone, I may have to compromise the “adventure” to avoid alienation from family and friends.

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