Journal and Grammar Girl Podcasts


Take the exercise you have completed, begin a new entry in your journal, and answer these questions:

1. Did you revise your thesis? If so, write the original and the revision. Sometimes a few words make a big difference!
2. Which key points are working best?
3. What did you discover to be the opposing view and how do you feel about it? What claims do you feel strongly about that support your side? OR, have you decided to search further for a stronger claim?


Please go to “Assignments” and click on your online textbook folder. There, you will find the link to Grammar Girl ( , a web tool you can use for the rest of your life ?. I would like you to review some of the podcasts. You may decide which ones, and I suggest searching for topics that address your weaker areas. For example, if you want to learn about commas, search for “comma” and see what comes up. Then, go to the Grammar Girl forum.

At the forum, please post:
• The name and episode # of the podcast in the subject line.
• A paragraph that sums up the goal of the podcast.
• An example of the “right” way to use the new skill.

Next, review one of the posts from your peers and:
• Watch the podcast reviewed by your peer. (You can search by typing in the episode # of podcast title)
• Add an additional example of the “right” way to use the new skill.

Some possible topics include:

• Fragments
• Run on sentences
• Plagiarism
• Commas
• Semicolons
• Colons
• Abbreviations
• Proper Nouns
• Capitalization
• Plural
• Quotations
• Underlining
• Italicizing
• Transitions
• Conjunctions

…and so many more. Have fun with this.

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