final reflective report should to look at the systems that enable management to make decisions. How are the following measured:

• Customer Satisfaction
• Staff Satisfaction
• Financial performance
• Environmental performance
• Risk

How effective are these instruments and how do management use them to make decisions?

All organisations use various systems to measure their performance. For instance, Hilton Hotels regularly use a Service And Loyalty Tracking system (SALT). They send guests an email survey to find out the satisfaction of the person during their stay. They only count 9’s or 10’s as passing scores. So any survey that is returned with an 8 or below is considered failing or a “Zero” in that area.
Intercontinent uses the “Heart” score and so on etc…

The scores from these surveys are then used by the leadership group to measure areas such as satisfaction, performance and loyalty. All departments have to react to these surveys on a regular basis. What kind of a systems have hotel/restaurant? How is it used? Is it a useful tool?
5 to 10 references…..plz
and plz contact me if ur not sure or confused about anything

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