joint Commission Hospital Quality Check

You are a health information practitioner, and personal issues require you and your family to relocate  for your spouse’s job transfer.  As you seek hospital employment opportunities for yourself, you research Joint Commission accreditation status of the area hospitals.

1.  Select 2 hospitals within Idaho to research.  For help in selecting the hospitals, visit and search under the Quality Check icon.

2.  Develop a critique of each of your chosen hospital’s most current surveys. (Base this critique on areas of care provided by the facility that have personal meaning to you)

  • Comment on significant areas of improvement and/or deficiency
  • Include the date and most recent hospital survey and the accreditation decision awarded
  • State why you chose the facilities you did

Your critique should be a minimum of 1 double spaced page not to exceed 1.5 pages.  Please use 12 point font and a suitable typeface such as Times New Roman.  Please use 1 inch margins.  Use a narrative style of delivery for this critique. Make sure to save and submit your work in rich text format.  (.rtf) Critiques are due no later than Sept. 4th at 12 noon Mountain Time.

Points will be assigned as follows:

Citation of areas of improvement/Deficiency – 12 Points

Citation of most recent survey date and accreditation decision – 4 Points

Statement of why the facilities were chosen – 2 Points

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