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Learning Outcomes

i. Demonstrate an understanding and insight of the hospitality business environment within the context of operations development.
ii. Analyse hospitality operations resource capability and performance in relation to market requirements and strategy development.
iii. Critically evaluate the extent to which theoretical concepts could be used in the process of operations strategy development.
iv. Appraise issues that could affect the implementation and sustainability of operations strategies.


Assignment Remit:

You have been commissioned to make an assessment of a hospitality operation, or department within that operation (it can be the operation you looked at as a group).

“An analysis and evaluation of the extent to which operational resources and processes are configured to deliver a sustainable competitive advantage.”
Adopt a Resource Based View of how competitive advantage is created. Make justified recommendations for any changes to resources or processes that will ensure that a competitive advantage is sustainable.

This is an individual report, with a maximum of 3,500 words.
Further Guidance & Grading Criteria

Models and concepts discussed in lectures should feature prominently (but not exclusively) in your reports. It is expected that you supplement this basic information by reference to journal articles that further develop the models and concepts introduced.

Please note that this is not a marketing or brand management assignment and that the focus should be on applying knowledge communicated in Hospitality Operations Development lectures.

It is recognised that you may not have access to information about some operational processes. You may need to make some reasonable assumptions about existing operational processes.

The College’s Generic Grading Criteria for HE work at Level 7 (Postgraduate level) apply to this assignment


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