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30th, January, 2013


The motivation behind this study topic is my love for art and design. The focus is on the traditional Thai shapes, lines, and curves in Buddhist architecture, art, and jewellery. It is a belief that these bear an emotional response of calmness and relaxation in their wearers. This study is therefore, in the context of the connection between Thai jewellery and their wearers minds. This helps bring out the fact that jewellery in Thai is not only used for aesthetic purposes. Jewellery has a meaningful use to both the body and the mind. For the body, it enhances beauty, but for the mind, it relaxes and makes one experience calmness and tranquillity.

This study aimed at determining the facts behind the emotional effect of Thai jewellery on their wearers. The main question was to find out ways in which Thai techniques, designs, and material used jewellery enhance the emotional effect. Secondly, the study sought to establish how the Thai jewellery influences the emotions of its wearer in a positive way. Finally, the study was also concerned with establishing any linkages or relationships between the traditional Thai artistic forms and the contemporary artistic experiences. As a contemporary creative artist and designer of jewellery, I aimed at establishing different possible ways through which I could integrate certain Sukhothai shapes and artistic elements, into my art works. These shapes are known to simulate emotion in its wearers; therefore, I wanted this emotional effect to be felt in my jewellery too.

To gather sufficient information about Thailand, Buddhism, and their jewellery, literature review and readings from different relevant sources were crucial. This laid a foundation for the study, and provided useful knowledge about history of Sukhothai, Buddhism, and the role of Buddhist forms and designs in Thai jewellery and architecture. The emotional effect of Thai jewellery was therefore, studied and understood. The next approach was to engage in the experimental process of making jewellery. To achieve the emotional effect in my experimental work, I applied lines and shapes from Sukhothai arts in my designs, since these are responsible for the emotional response. Lines of lotus flowers, which are popular in Sukhothai region and in Buddhism, were as well used. Combining own lines and those from Sukhothai, pattern design sketching, and the combination of release shapes, helped make jewellery that would help determine relationship between Thai artistic forms and the human mind. The main material used in this experimental work was porcelain and precious metal, due to the artist’s interest and experience.

The experimental work proved the relationship between the mind and the artistic forms in Thai jewellery. Application of Sukhothai art designs into my designs yielded the anticipated emotional feeling. As the wearer of my finished jewellery, I experienced a kind of peace and calmness just as it was expected. This therefore, proved the interaction between Sukhothai jewellery, Buddhism, and the mind.

This study achieved its objective of establishing the interaction between Sukhothai jewellery and the mind, and the stipulated outcomes are expected. This will be useful to all the lovers of jewellery. It may as well draw more people into wearing jewellery, because of their proved positive effects on the mind, apart from the aesthetic purposes. This study will also be of use to the Thailand jewellery practitioners. It will encourage them to produce more jewellery with enhanced designs and forms to even serve better their mind benefits. This is a cultural aspect of the Thai, which will therefore, be made popular by this study, hence, the traditional Thai designs will evoke great interest. The people in Thai will also keep in touch and embrace their designs even more. This study will also bring a new insight into world marketing. If people have a clear understanding of the emotional benefits of jewellery forms and designs, more people will be interested, and this might change marketing processes.

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