5 different 1000word essays
1 Why did jazz originate in New Orleans around the beginning of the twentieth-century? Identify and give a detailed explanation of at least three forces (historical, cultural, social, geographic, musical, etc) that led to the development of jazz in New Orleans, and how they affected the music and/or musicians. Which individuals and/or groups of people were crucial to these social forces?
2 Duke Ellington and Count Basie are two of the most influential big band leaders of the swing era. Describe and compare their vastly different musical styles. Can you find similarities? Use specific recordings to illustrate your points. Describe compositional/arranging techniques, use of soloists, and any other historical or background information.
3 Describe the transition from swing to bebop. How did the music change? Why did the music change? How did musicians view themselves in the different each style (as entertainers or artists)? What social, musical, or historical forces played a role in the transition?
4 Describe the difference between cool jazz and hard bop. Why are these post-bop styles so different? Compare and contrast specific artists, musical characteristics, and significant songs or albums that illustrate the differing musical characteristics.
5 Describe the musical career of Miles Davis. Include all jazz styles he played/innovated, his groups and sidemen, important albums in each era, and his overall influence in American music. Why is he such an influential figure in post-bop styles?

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