Italian/Humanist Renaissance Florence

*** Source Requirement ***
A History of Florence 1200-1575, by John M. Najemy, must be used. Please make sure that you actually read the related pages in the book and cite them when necessary, so there is no outright contradiction. Feel free to include other published/academic sources as the writer sees fit.

Please choose one from the following three topics.

1. The Humanist Renaissance evolved in the context of a power struggle between the popolo and a traditional elite known as the grandi. Outline the conflicting views and values of the popolo and grandi of Florence in the thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries; discuss how these differing visions were reflected in the history of the first popolo.

2. What gave rise to Florence’s second popolo? How did the Ordinances of Justice structure Florentine politics? Explain why Florentine politics again devolved into violent civil conflict despite the firm foundation for guild republicanism provided by the Ordinances of Justice.

3. Discuss how the Medici family managed to dominate Florence from 1434 to 1492, explaining why the 1433 attempt to exclude them from power was such a failure.

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