Islam: A Short History -Modern Library Chronicles- by Karen Armstrong

Please follow the instructions below while you write:

1. “Critically” evaluate the book. In other words, say what you think is good, bad, accurate, misleading, etc. about it. For example, would you recommend it to someone who is interested in learning more about Islam? Why or why not?

2. Your intended audience should be composed of those who may or may not know much about Islam. Consequently, you will need to mention briefly what he book has to say. Do not simply report about what you read, though. Pick out thing that you think are important about the work and comment on them.

3. In this class, we are assuming that you have had little previous contact with Islam. So with the book review, you need not use any other outside sources other than the readings we have looked at in class. You have all the necessary tools at hand with what we have learned thus far to write a good, convincing essay that would be of interest even to a scholar of Islam.

4. Think about organization before you begin writing. Ask yourself, “What do I want to say? What is the best way of arguing my case? How can I support this with relevant quotations or paraphrases from the readings?” Only after you have answered these questions should you begin to write.

5. Proof what you’ve written. Remember that spelling and grammar check do not always catch everything. Did the paper achieve what you had set out to accomplish? Check especially that you have smooth transitions between thoughts.

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