Is the plan of Lincoln complete, in your opinion? How about the city of your choice? If not, what other major elements might have been included, based on your scanning of other comprehensive plans and their contents?

Limit 1000 words for Undergraduate, 1400 words for Graduate students; Times new roman; single space; font 12; margin 1 from top, bottom, left, right This assignment is intended to make you familiar with the structure, inner workings and applicability of the comprehensive plan, and to think critically about their effectiveness in addressing planning issues. Upon completion, you will prepare a written report.Look at city comprehensive plans online. Choose two cities. One of them will be Lincoln, NE. Pick another one of the 35th -95th largest urban areas in North America. (see )Many of comprehensive plans are available on line. Try googling the city name and comprehensive plan, general plan, or master plan. Find the city governments home page. In this assignment, you will conduct a detailed analysis of one plan, and compare one element of that plan with the same element from another city. So locate two plans that you wish to use (one will be Lincoln, NE). It is important that you pick a city and a plan that you really think is worthy of your consideration.Your report is expected to present critical analysis of issues by including your opinions and knowledge found from reputable sources. Part A:Using the references available to you, compare two plans. Include (but not limited to) the following topics.
What are unique components of Lincoln Plan compared to the city of your choice. Why is it important to Lincoln?

To whom or to what entities does the plan seem to be directed? Is it likely to be readable by them? What could be done to make it as useful and readable as possible?
How were citizens, merchants, and other stakeholders involved in the plan-making? Were there shortcomings, as best as you can tell? Do you find the efforts of the planners adequate and appropriate in this regard, and why?
How is the plan intended to be implemented? Can you think of other strategies that the planners should have considered and included?
Sometimes the linkages and relationships between goals, policies, specific objectives, recommendations, and action steps get blurred, or aren’t clearly laid out in comprehensive plans. Were you able to trace and follow any such linkages and relationships in the plans?
Part B:Take one major theme or component of the Lincoln plan (it could be economic development, transportation, open space, land use, or others) and compare it with the similar component in the comprehensive plan of another city. In other words, make a critical comparison of the content and the approach taken for a given topic in two different plans.

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