Is it moral for the facility to be built in Plaidville? What authors or ideas have we read that would support its being built there?

A good answer will refer to the textbook. Pojman, Louis P and Paul, Environmental Ethics: Readings in Theory and Application, 7th edition. ISBN-10: 0538452846, ISBN-13: 978-0538452847 Final Paper Guidelines Please write one Five page, double spaced essay from the list of topics below. Pick one please. 1. A publicly held corporation (lets call it Burn Co) is searching for a location to build a hazardous waste facility to serve the needs of a major city. Studies show that it would be cheapest and there would be the least political opposition to it if it were sited in a neighborhood (lets call it Plaidville) where most residents are poor, minorities, and renters. Who would oppose it? Why? What do you think? Why? 2. Assume for the sake of this question that a ski resort (lets call it Silverado) gets United States Forest Service approval to build new chair lifts in what was previously designated wilderness. There are no upcoming elections or hearings to legally challenge the decision before construction begins. Is it morally permissible for an environmentalist to break the law to stop it? If not, why not? If so, why and what sort of laws are they permitted to break. Be sure to reference ideas and readings/videos from the class in your answer. 3. An easily captured, pretty dumb, but sentient pair of alien crash lands on this planet (let’s say that were unwilling test subjects not the intelligent designers of the craft). They replicate rapidly and it turns out that they are incredibly delicious if prevented from moving for a few weeks and then grilled. Should you (insert your name here) eat them? Why or why not? How does your answer to this question bear on your answer to the question of whether it is morally permissible to eat factory farmed meat? Be sure to reference ideas and readings/videos from the class in your answer. 4. Compare and contrast Aldo Leopolds land ethic to Arne Naess view of deep ecology. What are the philosophical similarities? What are the differences? What meaning or significance does a wilderness philosophy have for environmentalism generally? Is it a helpful one?

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