Investigate viable waste management techniques for Saudi Arabia

Background/introduction to the problem of waste in Saudi Arabia, include data and Such as municipal solid waste generation in Saudi Arabia, solid waste generation rate per capita, and some economists have estimated there are losses about ten billion US dollar, because there is no municipal solid waste plan and Saudi Arabia pay two billion US dollar just to build new landfill but that is not solve the problem is just waste more money etc
Keywords: waste management, biodegradable waste, renewable energy, biogas, anaerobic digestion, materials recycling etc

What you need to do now is write out
1. Clear aim
2. Clear objectives
3. Methodology section
4. Introduction/background to problem with waste in Saudi
5. Think about how you are going to find out what the barriers are to waste management
Such as municipal solid waste generation in Saudi Arabia, solid waste generation rate per capita

Waste management is less of a problem… – explain that Europe has various methods

Saudi still has a problem – explain why
Investigate viable waste management techniques for Saudi Arabia

1. Identify existing waste management methods used in Europe
2. Evaluate these techniques with respect to costs
3. …. Environmental criteria (environmental benefits of better municipal solid waste management)
4. ….Identify barriers… Saudi Arabia (Why is Saudi not already recycling etc?)
5. ..Evaluate which techniques suitable for Saudi Arabia (base on the experiences of Europe countries legislations and management, separate collection of waste, waste to energy, recycling) how it is will be helpful for the waste management, and impact on the environment, the economic.
• Objective 2 – already started answering i.e. recycling (reuse, materials recycling how many tonnes per day and year in the kingdom of Saudi, the environmental and economic benefits, results and discussions)
• And organic waste to energy (renewable energy, try to get biogas by convert organic waste generating industries such as dairy industrial, there are three hundred thousand of cows which produce manure so the we should suggest some legislations for government to let the owners of these factories of dairy to collect the manure of their cows and give it to the municipal in order to mix it others organic waste to convert to energy, agricultural wastes and municipal solid waste generation Saudi Arabia, how many tonnes per day and year in the kingdom of Saudi, and the environmental and economic benefits and how many m3 of biogas we can get from tonne of organic waste, after that how we will use the biogas to produce electricity and cooking gas in kitchen so how much biogas can provides cooking gas and electricity ( kw/h) per year , results and discussions)( municipal solid waste energy contents) ( waste to energy productions , biogas , electricity , how it can be happen?) biogas yield prediction and cost analysis based on Saudi Arabia’s organic waste potential , the use of biogas will helps Saudi Arabia to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels(oil ) . Composting toilet (human waste) how is it good idea to convert to biogas through separate solid waste goes out the toilet from the wastewater (some data about human waste in Saudi Arabia the wastewater is it possible. How much we can provide biogas through municipal waste each year, how much the biogas which will be produced from the municipal waste would cover the demand of electricity in the Saudi Arabia, and demand of cooking gas. The best option of waste to energy technology for Saudi Arabia, results and discussion etc

Introducing problem i.e don’t do anything with waste. What problems this causes
Case studies eg Turkey, Germany and Switzerland Try to take benefits from of their experiences in the field of management and regulation of municipal waste and its impact on the economy and the environment. In order to, helping Saudi Arabia to create laws for municipal solid waste such as legislations, separate collection, the best landfill and waste to energy and recycle, anaerobic digestion. Is it good model to consider, what is will be suitable for Saudi Arab is not?
Identify some exiting literature
I would like to upload some literatures have valuable information and data about the waste in Saudi which will be helpful for you.
Each task in separate paragraph

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