Inventory & Distribution Mgt assignment

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Supa Drains Ltd manufacture, import and distributes drains, gutters and other roadway “furniture” such as
man hole covers, culvers, gutter hardware and inspection covers. They sell mainly to business clients
such as local government authorities as well as the Highways Agency. They serve this market through a
network of four sites located at Bolton, Warwick, Thornbury and Guildford. This has proven to be a
successful business to business market, but recent government cuts are impacting road building and
other infrastructure projects. Senior management have decided that the business should rely less on
government and local authority sales and diversify more towards house builders and property developers.
As part of the distribution management team based at Warwick, you have been selected to develop a
report suggesting the best distribution channels to select to enable Supa Drain Ltd to enter this market
and how this will affect transport, warehousing and inventory. Your report must include the following:
Requirements and Deliverables
1. Evaluate a number of suitable distribution channels which would enable Supa Drains Ltd to sell a
selection of drain and gutter hardware to builders and property developers. Rank them in order of
suitability based on how they affect transport, inventory and warehousing.
(learning outcome 1 – 15%)
2. Use the distribution channel you have ranked highest and identify the factors which will affect the
selection of warehouse, inventory and transport assets if you implemented this distribution
channel. (learning outcome 2 – 25%)
3. Evaluate the effect on the existing transport operation and vehicle mix now you have decided to
implement your highest ranked distribution channel. (learning outcome 3 – 20%)
4. The MD has purchased a business which sells and fits garage doors mainly to consumers and
wants this operation to be integrated into the current national operation. Outline how this will affect
the existing B2B inventory and warehouse operation using recognised warehouse and inventory
replenishment systems. (learning outcome 3 – 25%)
5. Appraise the use of information systems and technology in warehouse, inventory and transport
operations which will now need to be expanded to include the garage door business, as well as
the new B2B customers. (learning outcome 4 – 15%)
You have decided the best way to tackle this project is by examining competitors’ activities in the building
contractor marketplace to identify what logistics and supply chain techniques are successful for them,
which could be applied to Supa Drains Ltd. Also academic case studies and market research companies
that assess industry sectors such as Keynote, Mintel or GMID from the eLibrary would be helpful in
gaining an idea of what supply chain activities occur in the building merchant industry

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