Introduction to Private Security” by John S. Dempsey – Chapter Summary





“Introduction to Private Security” by John S. Dempsey – Chapter Summary

“Introduction to Private Security” by John S. Dempsey is a unique book that offers an insight into the aspect of private security, as the author gives a detailed and practical introduction to this topic. Dempsey, in his book stresses on the importance of ethics as well as professionalism in the execution of different business concepts and operations. This book highlights the element of security in a variety of business premises, ranging from industries, retail, employment aspect, computer and information security, investigation, surveillance, as well as the homeland security. Dempsey also discusses the laws related to private security.  

In chapters six of the book, Dempsey extensively addresses the aspect of business security. This involves how stores and other businesses can be made secure by a variety of security measures. Entertainment spots are also considered as being in dire need of security as these accommodate big numbers of people. According to the author, the issue of security today has become an important concern for business owners, therefore, therefore the need for them to secure their businesses. This issue of security is however, still a concern for homeowners, as security is important in both homes and business premises.

Business people have a variety of security measures to choose from. They might invest in CCTV surveillance in order to ensure reliable security in their premises.


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