Introduction to Marketing

Each answer should be about a paragraph long.
Five essays

1.- Regarding “sales promotion,” explain the difference between the tools available for consumer promotions and the tools available for trade and business promotions.

2.- Compare and contrast advertising and public relations – that is, tell how they are similar and how they are different from each other.

3.- Explain “push” strategies and “pull” strategies. Tell what the manufacturer is trying to accomplish through each strategy, and tell what kind of tools they use and who they target those tools to in each strategy.

4.- Regarding the item in modules entitled “SPIN,” which we went over in class the week before Thanksgiving: use this item from modules to familiarize yourself with the SPIN Selling method. Then think up a scenario in which a sales person asks the four kinds of questions, hears the customer first make an implied need statement, then an explicit need statement, and answers the customer’s explicit need with a benefit statement. Your answer should include seven sentences, four of them questions and three of them statements.

5.- Early in the course, we used Patricia Kaas videos as well as a series of marketing videos related to KitKat candy bars. Explain what I was trying to get students to understand with these two presentations.
the book is
Kotler and Armstrong, Principles of Marketing, Pearson-Prentice Hall, 15th Edition

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