ASSIGNMENT: We are hearing about more and more stories of parents killing their own children or a close friend’s child. Why are they doing this and is it really insanity that causes them to do this? This paper is a critical analysis of crime versus the Insanity laws. The focus of this assignment is on the murder of young children by a parent or close friend. Your finished paper should be at least two full pages in length.

You must go outside of your book to complete this assignment. You may choose to interview someone or read a reliable article. You must use a minimum of one peer reviewed article from the virtual library. Directions on how to obtain a PEER REVIEWED article from the Virtual Library and how to source in APA format is in the “Start Here, Syllabus, Syllabus again, Assignments & Grading, Description of Student Assignments, PowerPoint” link on Blackboard.


REQUIREMENTS: The paper should be at least two full pages in length, typed and double-spaced throughout using TN Roman or Arial size 12 pt font. Be sure to follow the Header guidelines, source your information using APA in-text citations, and include a References page also using APA format. Directions on how to do a header is in the “Start Here, Syllabus, Syllabus again, Assignments & Grading, How to do Assignments in Blackboard” link on Blackboard.

CONTENT: When we hear about a parent who kills their child it affects us deeply. We ask ourselves, how can someone do this to his or her own child, or to any child? The answer back from the defense side is “Insanity”.

This paper will take you into the different rules and laws that have been created to deal with insanity (pages 138-143).
1. Analyze the background of a particular/actual parent who killed their child. Discuss the typologies and the prognosis. Why did they do what they did?

2. How should the Criminal Justice System deal with these types of cases? Should parents who kill their children have an opportunity to declare insanity? Why or Why not?

3. Pick two of the tests/rules/laws included on pages 138-143 and discuss the positive and negative aspects of each of the two you chose.

Submit your answers.
When you have completed the assignment, save a copy (using Microsoft Word) for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit a copy to your instructor through the Blackboard link.


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