Intro to Art


Answer 2 of the following:

Identify the two artworks.

Compare the two paintings discussing the importance of the human figure as well as the meaning [s] .

Start by a comparative formal analysis [depicting the similarities and the differences in terms of elements of art and organization.], identifying and explaining the similarities and the differences in terms of material, form and subject …, then explain the strategies that modify the meaning of the feminine subject, the female nude. Finally position the artist’s purpose within the context [art/social/political etc…]


Identify the work.

In what ways is this work ‘different’ from other early modern movements namely impressionism and expressionism? [start by reading the intro to PartIII in at in theory]

Discuss the artist role/identity and the importance of the medium used as a key to communication and a form of consumerism. What aspects of the work make it ‘modern’? To sum up, what are the strategies employed and to what end?

3- Discuss the ‘urinal’ of Duchamp.

What notions does the work challenge? Identify at 2 least and support your discussion with clear and valid arguments drawing from your readings, others artworks and discussions in class.


You are examined on your understanding of thematic and stylistic issues and on your ability to analyze the work.

Make sure to incorporate the reading material of the course, and the class’ discussions. You can add outside sources

Make sure you quote and cite whenever needed!


In all your discussions: identify the artists and the works first! Formal means such as the size and the material used ARE important. You can include bibliographies and historical issues if they are relevant. The social context is crucial and the response then is relevant.

Work on organizing an argumentative essay. Identify the elements in the work to support your arguments. Use clear and simple sentences to express your ideas. Your thesis is a reformulation of the topic; you might need to narrow it. Use the thesis to unify your essay.


Length and Format: max 750 words for each question. Font 12, no space between lines. Your Id number, class and assignment number on top left of the pages. [Stapled- no folders]


Due Date: Friday, May 27 , 2010.

Submission forms:

A printout Kindly put the printout in my mail box [Fine Arts Bldg. 1st floor] by 4PM.and upload it on ‘turnitin’ by 12pm on due date.


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