I will upload the assignment instructions. This is a MAJOR assignment. I need to make sure that the writer FULLY UNDERSTANDS doing a critical analysis and theories. If they do not understand, the paper will be wrong. I rec’d a D on my last paper, because the writer did not understand theories and really did not know what they were talking about.

The paper is based on an interview with someone (male or female) that is 70 years of age or older. In the instructions, it comes with questions to ask the individual (this can be made up or the writer can really speak with someone 70+) I just need the paper done correctly. PLEASE read the instructions CAREFULLY.

I will pay for the order once I know that the writer is capable of doing this assignment.

**Again the interview can be made up. You do have to specify were you interviewed the person, you can say it is a member of your church, a neighbor…the interview took place over lunch, etc etc. It is up to the writer as to whether or not they would like to really do an interview or just make up some VERY GOOD answers. In the personal reflection section, you have to discuss what you thought about the person, etc going into the interview, how did the interview affect your personal view of older adults and the aging process, etc. ** AGAIN read ALL of the instructions and be sure to include everything that is required in the paper. PLEASE.

**The paper should be between 14-16 papers, NOT INCLUDING THE COVER SHEET OR REFERENCE PAGE**

**Use subheadings.

**Min of 10 sources, 3 must NOT be included on the syllabus. I will attach the syllabus as well*

**Please provide conceptual and empirical evidence to support your arguments.

**APA format

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