interpersonal deception

-For the main point, find one personal experience relevant to the topic. You should find personal experience evidence that support and/or contradict your main point. For personal experience evidence, interview people, observe interactions of others or provide your own experience.

-Summarize the empirical research paper in your own words in 3-4 paragraph(s).

Review and summarize the 2 empirical research studies by examining
a. Problems raised (hypotheses addressed or research questions posed);
b. Methods used (subjects, procedures);
c. Findings reported (results about relationships between/among variables studied); do not
simply indicate that a hypothesis was supported; state clearly what was found (and, if necessary,
what this means in ordinary language).
d. Theoretical explanations offered for the results obtained;
e. Limitations of the research (any criticisms you have concerning factors limiting the findings

-Your paper should be double-spaced, typed, and about 4-6 pages long (excluding a title page and a reference list) with 12-sized Times New Roman font. Your paper should be written in APA format and include a reference list and a title page (a title page should have the paper title, class title, your name and contact information, etc.).

-Attach your assignment (i.e. your final paper)

Final Paper structure
I. Introduction
II. Body
A. A main point
a. A personal experience
b. The empirical article
III. Conclusion
IV. A Reference List

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