International Relations

Please write a well organized and documented essay in response to the following prompts. Be sure to include the provided readings and current events material. Also, please support your comments with specific examples. The essay should be at least 4 full typed pages in length, double spaced with 1” margins. Please use the Chicago Manual of Style.
1. Human rights may be considered to be either universal or relative/conditional. In addition, “universality” may be understood in two distinct ways. Using the two Donnelly and Weston readings explore the idea of both universal and relative/conditional rights. For example:
• Are there any universal rights?
• Should all rights be universal?
• If there are relative/conditional human rights, what are legitimate limitations on such rights?

Finally, fully explore the argument by Weston regarding respect, universal and relative/conditional human rights. Please use ample examples to support your comments.

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