International Marketing

Choose one topic from bellow two topics, write a 1,500 word essay on a specific topic, which must cover the following sections:

1. A brief contextualization of the topic from the literature (e.g., marketing ethics, consumer behaviour, marketing entry strategies, etc.),
2. A critical discussion of the different positions based on the contextualization, and
3. A concluding statement and outlook derived from your discussion
You have a choice of two tasks (see below), from which you have to choose one. Please note that the word limit includes title, bibliography and any appendices that you may wish to add (we recommend, however, to use these only if absolutely necessary). The document that you submit must therefore not exceed 1,500 words in total.

Choose one of the following tasks:

Task #1:
In their attempt to create “the conscious home”, Silicon Valley start-up Nest has recently introduced their second product, the Nest Protect smoke detector.[1] Your task is to explore this new product introduction by critically applying the marketing mix principle. You may use other marketing-related concepts to support your assessment of the utility that a firm can derive from the marketing mix.

Product information link:

Task #2:
In his book [To Have or to Be?], Erich Fromm claims “that the wishes of the consumer are manufactured by the producer”[2] Your task is to reflect critically—from a marketing perspective—on this statement, using any marketing-related concept you feel could enlighten your argument.

Book Information
Fromm, Erich (1979). To Have or to Be? (reprint ed.). London: Abacus (Original work published 1976), p. 175

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