International Commercial Litigation

• Assignments must be submitted electronically through Turn-it-in. You are only allowed one submission.
• A hard copy with a top sheet must also be handed in to the modular office by the same date. Hard copies must be typed or word-processed on A4 paper.
• Students must retain at least one copy of their assignment – electronic or hard – for their own records.
• Late assignments will not be accepted

WARNING – CHEATING AND PLAGIARISM Remember that the work you submit must be entirely your own. Otherwise you will be guilty of cheating and/or plagiarism under the Assessment Regulations.

Note the declaration printed on the cover sheet which you have to sign before you hand in your work

If you are in doubt as to what is cheating and plagiarism, re-read the University Regulations and the guidance notes attached to this coursework.

Plagiarism is an academic offence. The penalties are severe which can include disciplinary action. You are putting your academic career in jeopardy if you cheat or plagiarise.

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