Intercultural Event Papers – 40 points each – each paper should be about 2 pages, double-spaced

You need to attend 2 intercultural events during the semester and then write two intercultural event papers.

What is an intercultural event? An event that focuses on a co-culture within the United States or culture from outside of the United States

In each paper, you should describe the intercultural event you attended and clearly identify and describe 2 of your reactions; identify an intercultural concept, use a quotation from the textbook/readings to define the concept; explain the concept in your own words; and apply that concept to a specific aspect of the event you attended. (For instance, let’s say the event didn’t start on time and no one was concerned. This could be an example of a culture’s time orientation or use of chronemics – pages 287-288 in the textbook) You need to cite the textbook with an in-text citation and a bibliographical reference.

A “40-point” paper
1. describes the event succinctly – briefly and concisely in a paragraph
2. clearly identifies and describes two personal reactions (I shouldn’t have to
hunt for the two reactions.)
3. identifies, defines, and explains an intercultural concept – the average college
person should be able to understand the concept after reading this part (You should quote the definition/explanation of the concept from the textbook/reading and then you should put the definition/explanation in your own words.)
4. applies the concept to the event appropriately and knowledgeably
5. includes an appropriate source citation using MLA style
6. includes an appropriate name citation, page numbering (done with the “header
and footer” under “view” in Microsoft Word), and a title
7. contains only 1 spelling/grammatical error (I will subtract 1 point for every 2

Evaluation Rubric

Name ________________________________

Description of the Event – 8 points
Reaction 1 – 4 points
Reaction 2 – 4 points
Identify Concept – 3 points
Quotation from the Textbook – 5 points
Explain Concept in your own Words – 6 points
Apply Concept to the Event – 10 points
MLA Citation – in the text and in the bibliography
Name Citation, Page Numbering, Title
Judith N. Martin and Thomas K. Nakayama. Intercultural Communication in Contexts, 6th ed. (NY: McGraw Hill, 2013).

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