Innovation and Technology Business

Blueprint for Personal and Professional Growth
Begin by downloading a copy of the BPPG assignment template from the BPPG section. Complete the document by responding to the questions within. As you create your BPPG, consider the new ideas and skills that you can add to your professional toolkit and ways in which you can continue to build your professional network. Review some of the strategies of leaders and managers at successful global corporations that you have encountered in this course.
Part I: Ethics and Technology
Part II: Forward Thinking and Analysis
Part III: Innovation and You
Please write inside the template provided and write within each expandable box in complete sentences and paragraphs citing and referencing sources as needed. You should weave in course concepts, materials, and outside readings in your responses whenever possible. Please give comprehensive responses which are lengthy and in-depth, like an essay response in an exam. The references for all sections should be placed on a reference page at the end of the template and adhere to APA guidelines. As with all assignments, you are encouraged to review the grading rubric for this assignment prior to completing it.

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