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Section 1

Why is it important for organizations like ProEight must invest heavily in information technology?

ProEight company, together with other engineering companies must invest in information technology in order to boost their productivity and efficiency. Technology such as virtual office, video conferencing, and social networks, enhance business expansion by getting rid of boundaries in the workplace. Information technology enhances efficiency and saves time. Computers enable making quick corrections. Employee recruitment also becomes an easy process. There is a reduction in travel costs, as communication and meetings do not have to be one-on-one.

Explain the possible enterprise applications that ProEight uses by highlighting the internal as well as external systems for the corporation.

Enterprise solution is vital as it makes business management and information to be accessible to both internal and external customers. Transmission of information becomes easier, as well as management of databases and programming. In choosing an enterprise solution, a business must establish its needs and priorities in order to settle for the most appropriate application. Two main application servers can be used by ProEight. These are J2EE and Microsoft’s.NET.

ProEight takes digitization of data seriously by setting up an IT infrastructure that supports data collection, management, analysis and reporting. How would the IT infrastructure look like?

First, the application servers chosen should offer database services, fault tolerance management, directory, and naming services, distributed transactions, and security. The functionality of these application servers is automated responses to client requests through reference to database.

How would ProEight be affected by the four (4) categories of ethical issues?

Like most engineering firms, ProEight’s work impact directly or indirectly on the social welfare of millions of people, for better or for worse. This raises ethical issues in its operational mode. However, the four ethical principles set for engineers by the Royal Academy of Engineering have helped to foster ethics in engineering. These are honesty and integrity, accuracy and rigour, responsible leadership, and respect for life, law, and public good. ProEight must also comply with these, as failure to comply is a breach of ethics (Royal Academy Engineering, WEB).

Section 2

Do you have a favorite search engine? Why is it your favorite? Explain how search engines work.

Google is my favorite search engine as it is wide, relevant, and fast. It has outstanding features such as Google maps, news updates, geographic directions, and photo sharing. Google sorts results according to relevance, and uses a distinctive algorithm, called PageRank, that makes Google unique from other search engines.


How does a Wiki, like WikiLeaks, as a Web 2.0 mechanism, enrich the user experience?


Wiki is an online database considered the simplest to use. It does not give many restrictions to its users as they are at liberty to create and edit content in the web page. ‘Open editing’ is a great and exciting experience for Wiki users and promotes democracy in web usage.

Under what circumstances would a data warehouse prove to be more effective than a database? Explain FOUR (4) basic characteristics of a data warehouse.

A data warehouse should be subject oriented. Since data warehouses are meant for data analysis, it is advisable that each concentrates on a specific subject in order to make analysis easier. Data warehouse must be nonvolatile, meaning that the data entered into the warehouse should not be subject to change. This enables only the original data to be analyzed. Integration is another basic characteristic of data warehouse. This is closely linked with subject-oriented. Specific data from disparate sources should be stored in a consistent format. Finally, time-variance is another basic characteristic of data warehouse. This means that the time aspect should be put into consideration. This data should also be large enough to determine the changes that have occurred over time, on being analyzed.

Find out about how STUXNET works and how it infiltrated the high-security Natanz plant.

Stuxnet is a deadly computer worm that was developed by an alleged hacktivist group. This was meant to alter operations in specific industrial systems that deal with nuclear power. Iran being a nuclear producer was the primary target of this malware. This was deliberately aimed at computers in Iranian nuclear factories in order to stop their nuclear manufacturing.


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